Escort Interview Candy

Candy Amsterdam Escort

Candy Amsterdam Escort

Personally, when I have sex, I love having my hands free to touch my partner’s body and experience beautiful sensations. In the same way, I really appreciate being touched by my partner and stimulated with my hands in different parts of the body. So I have never understood the fantasy that so many people have for tie and tease. I remember I met a woman in a dating chat who wanted to see me for sex and asked me to tie my hands behind her back as if she were my prisoner. I didn’t (and we didn’t see each other for some problems) and I never thought about the people who love to bond until today, when I found out that the beautiful Candy, the Amsterdam Escort that I have to interview today, is a sex escort who is specialized in the tie and tease Amsterdam Escort Service.

This could be the best opportunity to deepen my knowledge on the subject, I don’t see wasting it.

Our meeting is held at the Ibis Amsterdam hotel, and Candy is indulging in a nice cream coat, long skirt, and black high-heeled boots.

I have several questions to ask Candy about, so our interview can begin!

“Hi Candy, thanks for being here with me. You are really in shape today.”

“Thanks, these are the effects of my training.”

“Well, congratulations to your personal trainer.”

“And congratulations to me for the commitment.”

“Well, of course. The first question is why you chose to become a sex escort specialized in the tie and tease Amsterdam Escort Service. Do you have a particular reason behind this choice?”

“I always liked the idea of ​​being tied up or dominate someone and imposing my will, and I always thought it was something very exciting. I have had both experiences, being tied up and dominate someone, and it was two things very exciting, my best sexual experiences so far. I thought it might be a good idea to try to use this passion of mine in my project of becoming an escort. So when I came up with the idea of ​​tie and tease Amsterdam Escort Service l, the agency was extremely interested. We started our collaboration. ”

“Why did you choose to become an escort?”

“Because I understood what I wanted from sex. I like passionate, energetic sex that physically involves me, sex that dominates, and where one is dominated. I have never been able to find a partner who can give me what I wanted. So I thought I’d stop looking for men with those qualifications and get hunted, and I had the idea of ​​becoming an escort and getting paid to have the kind of sex I like. My plan was successful, and now I am here with you.”

“So, are you happy with what you are doing now?”

“Yes, I’m a very popular Amsterdam Escort; I make money, it couldn’t get any better than that.”

“Can you explain to me what the tie and tease Amsterdam Escort Service consists of?”

“Yes, no problem. Basically, it is an extra service to personalize your sexual experience. In this service, you can tie up the escort or be tied up and then come aroused and possibly have sex while tied up or with the woman you have tied up. . This is a very erotic service that can turn any man on. ”

“This all sounds very exciting.”

“It is. If you have never experienced it, you cannot understand the feeling of power felt when you are with a tied person. You can do anything you want, and the other person cannot do anything to stop you. This is a true feeling of power, something that only a few can say they really felt in their lives. ”

“So I can say that you would do the tie and tease Amsterdam Escort Service even for free, am I right?”

“Yes, but if I get paid, it’s more fun!”

“I understand. Have you ever been afraid of finding yourself in some dangerous situation?”

“What do you mean dangerous?”

“Well, if you’re tied up, you can’t defend yourself, and your client can really do whatever he wants to you. You might even meet some maniac with bad intentions and rudeness.”

“I cannot deny that this risk is not present, but we have tried to do everything possible to minimize this risk. First of all, it is not a service that can be obtained immediately, but it is a privilege reserved for a few customers, those who have demonstrated over time that they respect our rules and respect our work and secondly, the agency has my phone number and we are constantly in touch. If I don’t answer the phone after the service, they will understand that something has gone wrong. It’s not the best of securities, but it’s better than nothing. ”

“Have you ever found yourself in a potentially dangerous situation for now?”

“Fortunately not, and neither do the other girls from the agency. Thanks to the selection work done by the staff, I can carry out my Amsterdam Escort job safely.”

“I understand. Isn’t being tied up for a long time painful?”

“Even though I love the Amsterdam Escort Service tie and tease insanely, I have to admit yes, it is quite annoying after some time because you have to stay in a particular position for a long time. To help my muscles, I do a lot of stretching and yoga, but it’s still annoying at some point. I prefer to be tied with simple nylon cords and not handcuffs, but as long as the customer doesn’t tighten too much. I often have string marks on my wrists, and it’s not pretty. ”

“I understand. What are your plans for your future?”

“Continue this work as long as it is fun and then create my escort agency.”

“Do you want to work in this business forever?”

“Yes, that’s the only thing I want to do.”

“Well, good luck.”

“Thank you!”


The interview with this sex escort is over.