Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Zoe


Each day is different and every moment can bring you a smile on your lips when you do not expect it! It was a beautiful Friday in Amsterdam and I just arrived at the escort office, it was a little past 10 am and we were just making the work plan for that day! I was focused on my cell phone and plans when I heard a loud noise outside, outside my car, had been easily hit by another car! The driver was a 23-year-old woman and was a little scared of the little accident! I went to the damaged cars and the girl said she was really sorry about what happened! I asked her what her name was, she told me that Zoe, then I suggested we go for a coffee to talk to calm down! We went to OMELEGG restaurant, one of my favorite places!

The problem of cars has already been solved because we both have insurance! She was a young, very beautiful woman
and very sad, and that made me intrigued and made me want to find out more about her!

She told me it was from NAARDEN and that the last two weeks were very hard for her. She was an escort and erotic dancer at the bar and had come to Amsterdam to find the ideal job for her!

She told me she tried in RED LIGHTS DISTRICT as an escort in the showcase but it’s not what she wanted! Then I smiled and told her everything was happening for a reason, she was happy when I told her I was an escort agency and I explained to her what it means to work with a professional escort agency! I told her to tell me more about her!

She told me she started her sex life at age 17 and her first experience was very erotic and passionate about a man 10 years older than her!

He was a man full of sexuality and passion and taught her how to play with her body, be sensual and seductive with her partner, Zoe told me she wanted to become the top escort and she loves sex games and experience exchanges!

I wanted to find out more and booked a room at the OKURA hotel in the center of AMSTERDAM!

She was very pleased with my proposal and started telling me more about her!

He told me that he is very creative and he likes to come up with ideas, create special moments for his clients while they do not forget it!

She wants to become the best escort, to become rich doing what she likes the most!  She likes to seduce and be seduced, to be admired and to feel the desired woman!

Zoe impressed me with her desire for involvement and determination, she was sure of her and knew exactly what she wanted!

She is a beautiful woman who knows how to get what she wants and knows how to give her what she needs, is playful, funny and intelligent!

Now that I remember that the interview with ZOE has already been 8 months since it’s a successful escort in our agency! In order to have the best team, we need the best girls, and we already have the best gorgeous and smart escorts! Everything happens for a reason, even a trivial car accident can have a good result!