Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Yazmin

Escort Amsterdam Yazmin

YAZIMN was a shy girl and disappointed because she had quite bad experiences within all the other offers that promised her innocent meetings, but everything was just for the show.
She had her first job in ESCORT LEIDEN, the time when she decided to practice this job. One year ago she moved to Amsterdam after she lived and worked in Belgium. Her family and boyfriend were still trying to live there. She was lonely and depressed. She moved to an incredibly dark, tiny room, in a dirty house with four girls.
The first months in the city she stayed in that cave and she actually starved, mainly in the position of the fetus after her savings dried up and she realized that she would need to find a job sooner. She found an agency in LEIDEN and she started to work as an ESCORT because she finds out that she can earn easy money, there she met a guy named Ron. This guy had fetish leg and since she was new in this type of business she didn’t know what to do exactly. This guy hadn’t the patience to teach her what to do so he has treated her in an inappropriate way. She loses her confidence so she wanted to give up to this job.
Looking on the internet for other jobs she found out about our website and she saw reviews about our website and decide to call us. We invited her for an interview at the RESTAURANT NH COLLECTION from AMSTERDAM. When she came to the interview she had an awful look. You could tell by her look that her life wasn’t so easier for her. She told me all about her life and that she wants to have a different life and she will do anything for that. I’ve explained to her about our policy agency and our terms and conditions. She agreed with all of them. We’ve told her that she needs some improvements and make some sports. She immediately said that she agrees with us, she could see that her look wasn’t the best. She started soon going to the gym. Her life changed immediately after joining our team. She went also to a psychologist to help her gain her confidence in herself.
Now she has a different look. Her body is SEXY as hell, she’s done with her body all the improvements that she needed and wanted. She is a good COMPANY. She enjoys her life fully.
Having her in our team is good for both sides of the team. We’ve helped her and she helps us to raise our agency AMSTERDAM HOT CALL GIRLS. Her name is much known now.
She is and looks very happy. She is gladly being with us.