Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Vanessa

It looked an ordinary day. It was my day off, and I was preparing to do some cleaning, every time. I received a call from a friend who lived in LELYSTAD, at 50 km from AMSTERDAM and told me to go to have some spoil and enjoy a body massage in a center Spa called NAGOMI SPA HEALTH, where she was a loyal customer.

Her idea was so good, and I need some relaxing time, I had back pains because of spending so much time in the office of our agency AMSTERDAM HOT CALL GIRLS, where I am still working. I waited for my friend and together went there, as we’ve planned.

We’ve decided to start with a professional massage, they go to the salt pools and sauna.

I’ve entered the massage room where I meet the beautiful VANESSA. The white suit that she had on was put in relief her tanned skin. She looked like a Barbie doll. I was anxious to have a discussion with her, to find out more about her life. I was taking advantage of the time spent together while she was massaging my back and we’ve started the interview.

Besides all those common things about living where we do almost the same things, I’ve noticed that VANESSA is an intelligent girl, with a lot of potentials who wanted to change something about her annoying life. She told me that she has some thoughts about changing her job and that she has a friend that works as an ESCORT at ESCORT LELYSTAD and she will like to try it, having the spending’s higher than the earnings from the job of masseuse, an as any young girl, she wanted to have fun and have a social life that helps her pointing out her SEXY body.

At that moment I’ve decided to ask her if she wants to work with our ESCORT agency She told me that she will be delighted and that it’s her lucky day and soon she will quit her job and came to our office agency to meet the girls and find out more details about what she needs to do as an ESCORT.

I was very happy finding out that she will come to work with us. She was so perfect for this job, and I was glad that I’ve meet VANESSA that day

After one weak she came to our agency and in a few hours, she had the opportunity to try her new job as an ESCORT, having her first client. The reviews from Mark, a customer that loves our agency, were as we expected. VANESSA (BABY ESCORT, as we like to call her) from that day is the favorite of Mark. Being with her, you forgot anything else. She is a perfect company and an excellent masseuse who makes you want to come again.