Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Thea

It was Saturday morning. It was a beautiful sunny day, so I’ve decided to go to the beach in DIEMERPARK. I’ve called a friend to see if she wants to join me. She accepted my proposal. I went and picked her up from her house and go to the beach that is near AMSTERDAM. We’ve to settle us down on the hot sand near a girl with sunglasses on a hat on her head.  I didn’t notice her at the beginning. My friend received a call, and she needs to go away. She took the taxi back to her home. While I was preparing to go swimming, the girl next to me asked me if she can join me because she doesn’t like to go alone in the water. I said yes, and I presented myself. She told me her name is Thea. After swimming, we came back and ordered something to drink. Going in and out from water I’ve noticed that she has a SEXY body, with a gorgeous brunette long hair, beautiful brown eyes, and red lips.

Seeing her with that slim body, I’ve asked her what the are the secrets for being so HOT, and she started to laugh. She told me that she doesn’t do anything and that she eats all that she wants without any restrictions. I’ve become suddenly jealous, and I’ve told her that. I’ve tried many diets from the girls I am working with, but none of them worked for me. She asked me where I was working, so I’ve told her that I’m working at AMSTERDAM HOT CALL GIRLS agency. She told me that she heard about our agency and she had in plan to contact us but didn’t expect to happen so soon. She asked me many questions about working in our agency, so I invited her to visit our office in Amsterdam and to visit us at

She called me after one week and asked me if she can come to see the office and meet everyone. She came in the morning. She saw everyone. She invited me for a coffee at WESTCORD ART HOTEL AMSTERDAM. There she told me that she will work with us and asked me when she can start. I’ve told her that she could start as soon as possible. For us, it is not a problem. We want her to be comfortable and happy.

She joined our team two years ago. Now is a professional ESCORT. She loves her job.

She is in top AMSTERDAM SEXY ESCORTS because of her pleasant and cheerful COMPANY.