Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Sia


Looking beyond her look, SIA is a simple girl that went through a lot in her life. We’ve met by accident in HAARLEM, at CAFÉ DE HOEK where I had an interview with another girl for our agency, AMSTERDAM HOT CALL GIRLS. She was sitting at the next table beside me with two more girls. They came from piano lessons and were searching for some quiet. The tables were so close so that she could hear all my conversation with my girl from the interview, so she was a little bit captivated by it.  She decided to talk to us and asked us for permission to join our table.  Her way of being, her way of talking, her beauty, her way of thinking and her kindness made me change my focus on her. The way she was speaking to me made me see that she had a wish: to escape from her daily routine, from piano lessons and dancing classes where she was going only for her parents (they hoped that her daughter becomes kind of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). She had other plans for her life.

Further, she told me about her adventure when she worked at ESCORTS HAARLEM for a short period, but she liked that job. That’s the way she approaches me. She wanted more details. She looked very interested in all I was saying, curious and anxious to find out as many details as possible. Looking carefully to her I noticed immediately that she will have no problem working in our team, This supposed that she needed to move to AMSTERDAM for her new job and to start looking for herself without any help from her parents, To change her lifestyle, her house, her outfits in those more sexier and challenging, to learn to cook by her own, to clean her house and all that is necessary to live by her own. The most difficult thing to do was to let her boyfriend know that she will move out of town and work as an ESCORT in AMSTERDAM without letting anyone from her family to find out. This seems hard but nothing is impossible when you want something badly, everything becomes a challenge.

SIA had a very quiet life. Everything was planned and calculated, but precisely this thing wasn’t satisfying her. She was like a little robot that was listening and doing what others wanted, and this wasn’t what she wished.

Being an active girl, wishing to do always new things, to discover every day herself, she wanted to start a new life, to know many people, to make new friends, to walk, to have fun. ESCORT SERVICES gave her this opportunity.

After two weeks since our discussion, I received a phone call from SIA. She let me know that two days ago she moved to AMSTERDAM, in the center, near SARPHATIPARK. We decided to meet there, in the park. There we’ve enjoyed the beautiful weather. While we were talking about our new agreement, we started to play table tennis to help her lose her tension. Everything was new for her. As easy as it looked, everything was difficult but not impossible. In a few days, she joined our team where she started to feel very good. In a short period, she started to know all about this job, AMSTERDAM SEXY ESCORTS, I am saying SEXY, because yes, SIA, become very SEXY, seductive, talented, professionally with a lot of charm.

Even if she broke up to her boyfriend and left her parents’ home, she didn’t look as she was alone, because finally, she was doing what she wanted and what was suitable for her.

Now she loves her job, she loves to be a good company for everyone, she is devoted and much stronger, and she glows when she is near a gentleman because everything that she is doing is doing properly. She feels accomplished, and this makes her happy.

From what I’ve learned from SIA`s life when you find your way you are a happy and accomplished woman. Do what you like not what others want. You are your own master.

Now she takes part in Amsterdam hot call girls family. She is proud of that, and we are happy to have her in our team which we also call “SEXY GIRLS” when we like to pamper.