Escort Interview Bay

Bay Amsterdam Escort

I absolutely cannot deny that the last year has been absurd for everyone. We have had an experience that will go directly into the history books, and we have had to stop our lives for some time. The lockdown was difficult for everyone, but I think it was even more difficult for a person who works with her body as an Amsterdam escort. I want to find out how this has impacted their business. Today’s interview is perfect for this purpose. I have to interview a gorgeous Amsterdam escort named Bay, a teen escort specializing in anal escort service.

I’m really looking forward to meeting her as I wait at the Belushi Bar in Amsterdam, and Bay arrives wearing her mask, high heels, mini skirt, and a yellow tank top. Today is hot, and Bay shows off her body, the body of a teen escort who has so many clients who have been waiting for her in this challenging year.

I have several things to ask from Amsterdam escort Bay, and then our interview can begin.

“Hi Bay, it’s a pleasure to finally see you again after a long time.”

“The pleasure is all mine; I couldn’t wait to talk to you.”

“You are always beautiful, the best Amsterdam escort in town.”

“You are always very kind. Ask me whatever you want.”

“Well, the question is simple: what impact has this pandemic had on your job as a teen escort, and in particular on the anal escort service you offer to your clients?”

“I can’t say it was easy, on the contrary. For those who work in my sector, it was a highly complex moment that forced us to find other ways to make money and have a relationship with customers. From a certain point of view, a period of rest was absolutely necessary for my body as being a full-time teen escort is very difficult, especially if you offer anal escort service, but on the other hand, this made it challenging to start offering the anal escort service on a regular basis. ”

“In what sense? You were no longer comfortable with this service?”

“No, I don’t mean that. I am an Amsterdam escort, and I love anal sex. I have absolutely no problem doing it if the client pays the anal escort service. I could do it right now without any issues, but anal sex is very special, and it requires a lot of training to be done well. It’s like a sport: if you want to do it well, you have to be trained. ”

“Can you explain better what you mean?”

“Before performing the anal escort service, I have to prepare myself so as not to feel pain and to allow the client to have anal sex in the most pleasant way possible. It is not a complicated procedure, but it takes time. Since I do anal sex a lot for me, the preparation is now automatic and almost superfluous but only on the condition of having sex constantly. Unfortunately, my activity as a teen escort has been very slowed down by the pandemic in the last period. Therefore, the first few times I had anal sex again, it was painful and not much pleasant. It is not the customer’s fault; it is the consequence of the forced stop period. ”

“I understand, and what happens in these situations where you feel pain and not pleasure?”

“I am a professional, and my first goal is the maximum satisfaction of my client, so I do not show my annoyance, and I always try to do my best to give the client the best possible sex, but it is not always easy. In any case, knowing how to manage these difficult situations is the best way to understand who the professionals are and who instead only plays to be an Amsterdam escort. ”

“No client has ever complained about your performances?”

“No, never, and I’m proud of that.”

“Is your body getting used to the rhythms of life as an Amsterdam escort again?”

“Yes, it didn’t take me long. But, in the end, having sex is indeed like riding a bicycle: you immediately remember how to do it.”

“How did you manage to get back in shape quickly?”

“I have never stopped having sex, and it has helped me tremendously to stay in shape. I have always trained in fitness at home and have my collection of sex toys and lubricating gels always ready to use. Taking care of your body and always being prepared to have sex is the basis of the profession. Therefore even in a pandemic, I must always be ready. There is no excuse; when you are an Amsterdam escort, you have to live your life always thinking about your job. Who is an escort is an escort for life. ”

“What are your plans for your future?”

“I still have many clients to meet, and I hope to work for a long time in this sector with many new men. I do not like to plan long term, but I am determined to make the most of every opportunity, and I want to recover all that I have lost in the last year and a half. To do that, I know I risk putting my body under excessive stress, but it’s part of my job as a teen escort, it’s part of the game, and I gladly accept it. ”

“I like the fact that you are determined to continue with this job.”

“I love him; I can’t think of any other job in my life, at least for now.”

“I understand. Well, I can only wish you the best. I am sure you will be as successful as an Amsterdam escort and that your anal escort service will always be in high demand.”

“I hope so, thank you very much!”


My interview with the teen escort Bay is over.