Escort Interview Annie

Annie Amsterdam Escort

When I was locked at home for the lockdown, I suddenly realized that many things I did every day and took for granted, such as going by car to buy something, having a coffee at the bar, or meeting a girl, were not at all obvious and indeed, they were little things that made my life special. When I left the house again, I did all those things again but in a different spirit, and I’m sure the vast majority of people did the same thing. One of the things I missed the most was sex and many other men too. For this reason, being able to interview an Amsterdam escort right now is very complicated due to the huge amount of work that every sex escort has. Fortunately, the beautiful sex escort Annie had a free hour to be interviewed by me, and I jumped at the opportunity to ask her questions about her job and her anal escort service.

Our meeting takes place on Dam Square as Annie has a lot of busy schedules and it was difficult for her to go to a bar too far from the next client’s hotel.

Annie is wearing makeup, she has a black dress and elegant shoes, she is really very pretty, but I can see that her look of her is slightly tired.

I don’t want to steal too much time from this Amsterdam escort that she has been kind enough to give me her attention, and then my interview can begin.


“Hi Annie, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.”

“Thank you for accepting these conditions. I’m sorry not to spend too much time on you, but I have a lot of work, and this was the only possible compromise.”

“Don’t worry. After the pandemic, your job as a sex escort is in high demand among men, isn’t it?”

“Yes, all the escorts in the agency have a lot of bookings every day. It almost seems like men want to make up for all the lost time, or they are afraid of what will happen soon and therefore prefer to have all the sex possible now.”

“I understand. You specialize in anal escort service, and I have talked to several girls who have anal sex during client meetings. They all told me that it is a very stressful service for their body. Can you confirm what they said? ”

“Yes, absolutely. Anal sex is very nice, but you have to know how to do it, and not all men know how to give pleasure and little pain. Unfortunately, there is the idea that every man always knows how to have sex and be a real porn star, but it doesn’t work. in this way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I always prepare myself every time I have to perform the anal escort service to allow me to take it up to the ass safely, but also my client must help me to make the experience pleasant by penetrating my ass gradually and doing what I do I tell him. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and it’s not uncommon for pleasure to turn into pain.

“Have you had any bad experiences during your job as a sex escort?”

“I didn’t have any dangerous experiences, but some unpleasant and painful experiences did. One client stuck it all in the ass without respecting my directions, and it hurt me a lot while others didn’t stop when I told him to take a little break, but most of the clients who buy anal escort service are polite and know what they are doing. ”

“Is it difficult to do anal escort service right now?”

“I have so many requests, and all my clients want to have anal sex with me. This means that I have to train constantly, but my body also has a limit. I am afraid that in the long run, it will be necessary for me to stop offering this service or take a break. . ”

“What can you do to solve this problem?”

“I don’t have many options. For now, the situation is still manageable and therefore not a big problem, but if it is necessary, I will have to take a break from my Amsterdam escort job.”

“Does a break mean not working and not earning money?”

“In case of a total break, yes, but I never will. I could suspend the anal escort service for a while; I have many other interesting services that can drive men crazy.”

“Why do you think men do anal escort service often when hiring a sex escort?”

“For two reasons. The first is that an Amsterdam escort like me is a beautiful girl that a man can hardly seduce. I and the other escorts in the agency are the Elite, the best of the best, and have anal sex with a woman like me; she is a source of pride for every man. Everyone knows that a sex escort means high quality, a beautiful body, and totally flawless escort service. Therefore, I am the best option to have an anal escort service of the highest quality. The second reason is that not everyone can have anal sex. Many clients have no partner, while others have a woman who is absolutely not interested in anal sex or is afraid of feeling only pain. All men have this desire to try anal sex at least once in my life, and the best way to try it is to hire a sex escort and buy anal escort service. I am a professional, and I also handle pain. My goal is to give every customer as much pleasure as possible. Until now, no one has ever complained about my performances. ”

“You must be proud of this.”

“Yes, I love my job as an Amsterdam escort, and therefore receiving praise is proof that I am doing things the best way.”

“Thank you very much for your words. I don’t want to steal any more time; thanks again.”

“Thanks to you. I hope I can do a more in-depth interview in the future.”


The interview is over.