Escort Interview Anna

Anna Escort Amsterdam

One of the hardest things during the pandemic was staying in good physical shape. Training outside and in the gym was not easy and almost impossible, and not everyone had the tools to train at home. I, too, have gained weight despite my diet and home training, and I can imagine that many people have gained weight from overeating or being sedentary. The problem of lack of training is even more severe for people who work with their body and physical appearance as well as escorts. It is absolutely essential for an Escort Amsterdam to always have a perfect body and especially for a party escort like the beautiful Anna. She specializes in striptease escort service, where she dances sensually. She slowly shows her perfect body to clients, and therefore Anna must always have a flawless body.

I want to find out what it was like to spend a pandemic trying to always have a perfect body, and I’m at Coffeeshop Bulldog with Anna to talk about it.

Anna is in extraordinary physical shape. This Escort Amsterdam wears a tank top, fitness pants, and sports shoes, and I can see her toned arms and abs. She is strong, sporty, and sexy, a perfect party escort, and her striptease escort service is unforgettable.

I don’t want to waste time, there are many questions, and it’s best to start asking them now.

The interview with Escort Amsterdam Anna can begin.

“Hi Anna, thank you for your time. You are in incredible physical shape, congratulations.”

“Thank you very much, I worked so hard to get this physique, and I’m happy to have achieved excellent results.”

“You are most likely the only person I know who lost weight and improved fitness during the pandemic. You are a party escort, and therefore I understand that your body must always be perfect, but you can tell me how you did it. body and how important is it for your striptease escort service? ”

“Well, I work with my body, and people pay to see a show that they could never see anywhere else, so it’s my duty to always have a perfect body both for professionalism and respect for whoever pays money for me.”

“I understand.”

“I am an Escort Amsterdam, and therefore I spend a lot of time looking after my body. During the lockdown, I decided to further intensify my training and diet regimen. As I am a cheerful and energetic person, I tried to see the good side of this absurd situation: I had much more free time to rest my body, think about new choreographies for the striptease escort service and train much more than before. I organized my day to be able to do two complete workouts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon; I ate regularly and slept a lot. ”

“Impressive, you handled things much better than me. I have to admit the results are excellent.”

“Thank you. I trained at home with yoga and stretching, along with weights and running. I watched videos online and hired an online personal trainer to help me.”

“I guess your clients are thrilled with your body when they pay to have you as their party escort.”

“Enthusiasts? I’m out of my mind with joy.”

“Tell me about your striptease escort service. Did the pandemic change it or not?”

“No, not at all; in fact, people are even more impatient to see him, and all my clients have told me that there is nothing more exciting than seeing me completely naked dancing for them or skilfully undressing in striptease escort service. ”

“Tell me about the standard experience your customer can expect within your service.”

“I am a party escort, and this means that I am perfectly at ease in situations full of life and energy. If you are looking for a girl who can become the life of the party, then you are in the right place with me. Yes, I can also stay at home with you, but my specialty is parties and entertainment. My main fun is making men incredibly horny, and the best way to do it is to arouse them by slowly showing them my body with my striptease escort service. ”

“Have you always been an exhibitionist?”

“Yes, after all, if you have a nice body, why shouldn’t you show it? In my striptease escort service, I can dance sensually to any song requested by the client and slowly undress. I can get completely naked or dance in stockings, fishnet, heels, or whatever the client wants, and then we can have sex all night. ”

“I guess it’s very difficult for clients to stay in control when a beautiful escort Amsterdam like you is dancing naked in front of them.”

“Yes, it’s not easy, and several clients touch me while I dance. I don’t like it, but I can stand it. I appreciate more clients who have patience because they know they will touch me smoothly when the right time comes.”

“Besides, the poet used to say that often the expectation of pleasure is pleasure itself.”

“I didn’t know this sentence; it’s very interesting.”

“So a client is sure to have a sensational striptease with you, right?”

“Yes, right.”

“Is managing the workload and training difficult now?”

“It has never been easy, and for this reason, it is essential to be able to manage your time correctly. Right now, I have a lot of work and little time. Therefore I decided to concentrate on short but very intense workouts in order to maximize my little free time. I love to train, and for me doing it is a pleasure; it is not a burden for me. Some girls are lucky and do not get fat, but I have to train constantly, and the results are visible. ”

“Exactly. I don’t want to steal any more time. I guess some client wants to see a party escort dance for him.”

“Exactly. I hope to talk to you again.”

“Me too.”


The interview is over.