Escort Interview Andre

Andre Amsterdam Escort

During my interviews, I spoke with girls who have a great experience in the escort sector and can now better manage any request, even the strangest or most perverse ones, without any problem. The pandemic and the need to stop to prevent the spread of the virus has not affected their skills in sex. Indeed, these girls are back more determined than ever to have sex, give and receive as much pleasure as possible every single time. Andre is a teen escort with years of experience. I know perfectly well that this Amsterdam escort can satisfy every request in her anal escort service. Still, today I want to talk to her about the beginnings of her career and understand the difficulties she has faced and overcome to arrive where she is now.

Andre is happy to meet me, and we decide to have dinner together at the restaurant of the Ibis Amsterdam hotel to have time to talk.

Andre is wearing silver sandals tonight and a pretty floral dress that leaves her shoulders bare. The teen escort’s hair is tied in a ponytail, and she is gorgeous.

I don’t want to waste time, and after the pleasantries, we start talking.

The interview can begin.


“Hi Andre, you are really busy right now, aren’t you?”

“A lot. The tourists have returned to the city, and everyone wants to try the experience of sex with a real Amsterdam escort, and therefore the demand is huge. My friends and I are working a lot; we make a lot of money and a lot of sex, so for us, everything is perfect.”

“Your anal escort service is top-rated.”

“Yes, everyone wants a piece of my little ass, and I try to please them all.”

“I guess you’ve gotten used to anal sex by now.”

“Yes, I do it every day.”

“By now, you have experience and a certain routine to follow to have sex without pain, but I would like to talk to you about your beginnings as an Amsterdam escort dealing with anal escort service. What was it like to start having anal sex regularly?”

“My little ass was not a virgin when I started doing this job, and having already lost my anal virginity helped me a lot because I was ready mentally and physically to take it up to the ass whenever I was asked. I had sex every day, but every time I had sex with some guy, there was some anal sex. I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I only had vaginal sex.”

“Did you find it difficult to have constant anal sex in your job as a teen escort?”

“Not being a virgin helped me, but at the beginning, it was not easy because the problem was never anal sex but the frequency. I like sex and also anal sex, but when I was not an Amsterdam escort, I didn’t have sex every day but only when I felt like it or found a guy I liked enough. I never wanted to have too much sex because the danger is not to make it more special but just a kind of routine, killing all my passion. ”

“I understand your point of view but isn’t it a contradiction not to want to have sex often and then work as a teen escort?”

“This is work; the sex I like is what I do on my day-offs; it’s sex where I’m free to do what I like and not just what customers like.”

“I understand. The problem with the anal escort service at the beginning was the frequency, is that correct?”

“Yes, taking it in the ass every day was tiring at first because my little ass had little time to rest, but then my body adapted, and I found a routine to get the most out of anal sex.”

“What routine?”

“These are some rules that I ask the client to follow in order to better manage this service. I read these rules in a porn star’s autobiography, I modified them for my situation, and I always followed them.”

“What rules are they?”

“Anal sex only in the doggy style, no other position, before putting it in the ass, the client has to lubricate my asshole with petroleum jelly and insert two fingers, and then I have to be the one to insert the cock in the ass to handle it better. These are my conditions and allowed me to offer anal escort service to all clients every single day. ”

“Are customers happy to follow these rules?”

“Most clients are interested in anal sex; if they have to follow these rules to do it, it’s okay.”

“Are you the only teen escort who has these rules for anal escort service?”

“I believe that every Amsterdam escort has a procedure to do this service with the least possible pain, but what I have just described to you is my personal routine. The other girls have theirs, but we are very protective of our routines; it is about trade secrets. We do not want to reveal them to anyone unless strictly necessary. ”

“What are your plans for your future?”

“Well, I’ve always thought about retiring as a young man and with enough money to invest so that I never have to worry about the future. In my mind is the amount I want to earn, and I won’t stop until I reach and overcome it. I hope to be able to reach it in two or three years at the most, but the pandemic has slowed down my plans, and for this reason, I am working hard: I have to recover all the money I have lost. ”

“Are you afraid that sex will get boring?”

“No, but I don’t want to put this stress on my body for much longer.”

“But you are determined to reach that figure at any cost, aren’t you?”

“Yes, exactly, and I will, you can be sure.”

“I’m sure you’ll make it.”

“Thanks so much.”


The interview with Andre is over. This teen escort is determined, and every anal escort service brings her closer and closer to the end of her Amsterdam escort career. Hurry to book your service before it’s too late!