About Lenore

A small woman but with no limit and natural beauty of a goddess! Low tall, long, and brown hair, light skin, and smooth voice are the qualities that any man is looking for in a woman!

Lenore is the youngest escort in our agency, she’s 21 years old, but it’s an explosion of energy and very willing to try absolutely any challenge she gets!

She is a woman who loves luxury, and escort life offers her everything she wants, but it also has the advantage of being spoiled by its clients with expensive gifts like its favorite GUCCI GOLD perfume!

Lenore started her young escort life because she needed, now living in luxury and seeing the benefits would not change that for anything else!

She has enjoyed the full advantage of cruising on yachts or cruise ships, so she loves to visit   SCHEEPVAARTMUSEUM AMSTERDAM every time he has the opportunity!

Every escort lives a luxurious life, and as long as she feels fulfilled and happy, she will give everything to be the best!

Lenore is a stylish escort, and her clients spoil only in luxurious places like HOTEL WEBER AMSTERDAM, which is a dream place!

She is an amazing escort and a woman you cannot forget too easily!

After a night of passion with intense moments, you can take Lenore to the beginning of a beautiful day with a fantastic breakfast at CIEL BLEU RESTAURANT, thus becoming her favorite customer!

If you want to feel like a real man, with LENORE, you will feel even more than you’ve ever dreamed of!


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