About Arya

Arya is a girl born and raised in Amsterdam, who knows all the sexual habits of the Dutch and their way of having sex correctly. Only Arya knows how to understand her clientele requests in such a particular way that she has also become viral on the web.

Arya knows that every man in Amsterdam is not just looking for sex, but also an experience of domination and power over all women and Arya is a perfect woman submissive for every occasion.

Arya is perfect for playing the role of the submissive and docile girl who accepts everything and who has no problem in being humiliated and bound. For example, Arya can be tied to the bed for the whole night, without being able to defend herself and entirely at the mercy of man, or she can be a submissive girl who has no initiative and obeys to the client’s wishes.

Men want to have power over people, and Arya gives men that power but retains their independence because she decides what to do and what not to do in the bedroom, and we can guarantee that Arya accepts almost everything, and that is extremely professional in achieving all the wishes she allows.

Arya is perfect for all the men who seek a show of power over women and who love to show their manhood in every occasion.

You can impress Arya and explain all of your wildest desires and erotic fantasies in front of a plate of food in the prestigious La Boca restaurant, but you can reach us in every other restaurant in Amsterdam.

Arya loves food and good wine and will be able to entertain you speaking correctly five languages (Italian, Dutch, English, German, Spanish) and thanks to her capacity for dialogue.

A dinner with Arya is the perfect way to start a lovely evening.

Arya does not like to visit the museums or monuments of the city; she loves to have fun in the famous coffee shops, like The Bulldog in Amsterdam, where you can smoke weed, drink and lose all inhibitory brakes to have sex as you wish, with passion and with a lot of desire to transgress.

Arya manages to give the best of herself in a hotel bedroom in complete privacy. A hotel like the Savoy Amsterdam is perfect for submissive sex with you.

She can carry some sex toys, she can bring her handcuffs, accessories, and ropes to be tied, and for one night, you will be the master of Arya’s destiny. You will finally be able to realize all your fantasies of control and domination.

Arya can wear sexy lingerie or leather clothes. It requires maximum cleaning (shower before and after sex), the use of condoms for oral sex, and the utmost respect for the escort, who professionally performs her job. You can not force Arya to do something not previously agreed upon.


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