About Hazel

The woman in the dreams of every man, the one who can combine reality with your fantasies!

Hazel is a woman who can get where she wants both in a man’s bed and in his mind!

She is an escort that offers more than its clients ask for it!

Hazel worked privately, and when he entered our agency he saw how high he can get into his escort life!

She is spoiled by her clients in the best and most expensive places like MARRIOTT HOTEL one of the most luxurious places in Amsterdam!

She is a woman who cares for her and who always goes where she is noticed!

Before to escort life, she could only dream of getting to eat daily at luxury restaurants like BHATTIĀ  PASAL RESTAURANT now she is spoiled every moment she wants, as she wants it!

This job changes you as a woman, makes you stronger and more determined, and with this attitude, any woman can get everything she wants!

But escort life is not just a job, women who are in this profession are intelligent and always willing to learn and with the passion to visit superb places like STADSARCHIEF a very interesting building full of history and a visit to this place is a total relaxation!

If you want a woman who will amaze you in every way and make you fly to the stars … you already have the choice to do!


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