About Cora

Have you ever believed in the existence of vampires? The legendary monstrous and sensual creatures at the same time that suck people’s blood to keep their youth?

Vampires are a very charming folk figure, and we can say with certainty that in our escort team we have a real sex vampire, and her name is Cora.

Cora is fascinating, endowed with natural charisma and a magnetic sexual charge, which attracts all men like honey flies, and that is able to unleash all the hormones of a man with a single smile or a sensual look.

Is Cora a vampire? Yes, because she drains all the sexual energy of every man with an energetic, lively, wild, intense and very physical sex, where every man has to do his best to satisfy it.

Cora sucks all the energies of every man, all his ambition and masculinity, like a real vampire and then moves on to the next victim.

Cora must be managed correctly for not be overwhelmed by her sexual charge and her vital energy, she is like fire, and you must always be careful not to be burned.

Cora does not turn into a bat and does not sleep inside a coffin, but it is really our vampire escort, suitable only for the bravest men.

Cora does not drink blood to survive; on the contrary, she loves food and meat, and her favorite restaurant in Amsterdam is the Sazanka, where she loves eating the finest beef and drinking the best wine in town.

Book a table immediately in this restaurant, and Cora will take you on a journey that is only the first stop of a slow and inexorable descent into a pleasure never before achieved and that will change your life forever.

Cora loves wearing black clothes and sexy lingerie just for her best clients and will seduce you with boots and black heels at the restaurant.

Cora is not afraid of the sun and loves to walk around Amsterdam with her clients. She can accompany you in all the places of the city, like the Albert Cuyp Market and go shopping with you. If you want you can buy a nice gift to Cora, and she will thank you in bed as only she knows how to do and will wear all your gifts to get you more and more excited.

Cora is also perfect for cultural events and social dinners.

Do you dare to face this vampire alone in the privacy of a bedroom?

If you have the inside you, then book a room in the best hotel in Amsterdam, the Hotel Dwars Amsterdam, and Cora will arrive when you want (even at midnight), perfectly dressed, polite and professional, just for you and you will experience ‘most intense orgasm of your life.

Use the condom and be clean, Cora expects only the best from her clients, do not disappoint her!


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